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Resolving Long Term Liabilities

Even one legacy claim can stay on the books for years and, unlike fine wine, they do not improve with age.  For example, one of our manufacturing clients had a 35 year old claim with reserves of $1.8M on the books.  WRAMSCO performed a forensic claim audit and through experience & accomplished negotiation skills, saved the client $945,000. Tell us about your legacy claims.  We can work with you to successfully resolve your long term liabilities.


Loss Sensitive Policies & Premium Adjustment

Loss sensitive policies are all about claims, costs & cash flow. Sounds simple but these types of policies can take on a life of their own.  For example, one of our trucking clients was billed an additional $3M on a retrospective policy adjustment.  WRAMSCO performed multiple forensic claim audits and prepared for expert testimony. Through experience and accomplished negotiation skills, the case was settled out of court with all policy years closed and saving our client $2,875,000.  


Premium Reduction & LOC Returns

Letters of credit always sound simple but most insurers are not willing to provide reductions simply at the request of the insured. For example, one of our national distribution clients provided multiple LOCs with its retrospective policies.  An additional $1.7M in premium was billed with no release of the LOCs in sight. WRAMSCO prepared expert testimony and independent closure strategies based on policy reviews and forensic claim audits. Settlement was reached reducing the premium, releasing the LOCs, closing the retros and saving our client $1.3M. 

Claim Management


WRAMSCO sets the standards in the insurance industry, being at the forefront of forensic medical reviews & examinations, information technology, injury reconstruction and establishing case law.  Our tools include but are not limited to:  

  • Legacy claims & claim run-offs
  • Forensic claim audits
  • Accomplished negotiations 
  • Expert testimony
  • Specialized third party administration services 

Risk Management


For 37 years, WRAMSCO has provided corporations, associations and government bodies with the tools needed for successfully resolving: 


  • Loss Sensitive policies
  • Premium adjustments & returns
  • Letters of Credit
  • Loss Portfolio Transfers
  • Claim & Risk management program consultation, development & annual reviews

Experienced Consultants


WRAMSCO's consulting and auditing team has a well-deserved reputation of excellence based on education, experience and certification:

Licensed in program administration, third party administration & specialty brokerage

Certified by the Appellate Court as an expert in the field of complex insurance matters involving claim & risk management; Premium disputes, claim audits, legacy claims resolution. 

AIC, ARM, CPCU designated staff 


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